Gossip – or Rough Music in the parlour

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In the parlour
Tried by twelve
Out the front door
Carried by six
Out the back door
Hops the kangaroo

On the genesis of a conviction: or the genetic fallacy

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Send them to Botany Bay!
To learn some evolutionary thought
Adapting to exploratory practices
A necessary skill
For critiquing thought terminating cliches
And other terminal thought forms.
But if they so fail
At least they will discover
That black swans
Also exist.
And so end
Confirmation bias times
And other self-fulfilling prophecies.

A short poem for those ignorant enough to believe in such myths as ‘malingerers’

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When you’re struggling

Feeling mentally ill

And are worried that

You’re kind of weird.

Don’t forget

It’s completely normal

To hate feeling so shit

On Becoming Anubis

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Thus I became Anubis!

I thought
That this would be a great
Opening to an epic poem.

But for me to do that
I would have had to
become Virgil.
So I started the poem

Thus I became Virgil!

And so with that
I was no longer Anubis

Nor Virgil.


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44 seconds 16 times every minute

44 minutes 16 times every hour.

17 is the number of Lazarus

One question remains, how good is your maths?

Which makes the other question, how good is your signifying?

Paprika ka ka ka!!!

Kazakh Mandem

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Whether our man
In Kazakhstan,
Horsing around,
Running tings proper.
Getting your goat
Like an anthro polo G,
Is a mandem

Is academic

Propaganda vore

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He’s a propaganda vore for
Cambridge Analytica propaganda lore,
swallowing it wholesale.
Then when caught with his trousers down
passing the buck fast.
Like Johnny Depp in Dead Man,
believing he’d get a job at the end
of the train to Dachau.
I am trying to remember what
Gary Dale Farmer would say,
or was that in Ghost Dog?
Pass the RZA
Pass the herb
Put a smile upon your face?
Or did you just try to out
dub produce King Tubby?
It’s an act of creation,
Not a genetic fallacy
Of how you’ve always behaved
Always followed.
I told you
I don’t smoke.

Cybernetics is an old science
Whether hieroglyphics
or memes.
Or the Behavioural Unit
Nudge brew crew.

But I wasn’t brought up
with an authoritarian demand
and so can learn quick.

What belief made you
A victim of the nudge
Thinking passing is all that
There is
When Wayne Rooney
Has the skills
Cos he dribbles.

The relinquishing of independent thought and benefit dependency

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With the coming Tory government, let’s deal with an argument about ‘dependency’.

My proposition: “Independent thought comes before independence”

My second proposition: “Benefit dependency is irrelevant with regards the possibility of independent thought, as it is based on a relation to an exploitative system”

If you have watched the film The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, which is about locked in syndrome and a guy with the condition who writes a novel. Locked in syndrome is about as dependent on others as you can get, yet the guy had sufficient independent thought to write a novel.

Capitalism is an exploitative system, where the definition of exploitation is based on the fact the entire labour time of all workers in a business contributes to the entire revenue, however the level of wages are based on competiiton for jobs based on supply and demand. Profits come from the remainder of revenue minus capital costs and business expenses and wages. This goes to the capitalist and is the basis for the definition of exploitation.

To increase proft it is important that wages are as low as possible without affecting productivity too much (although there are issues here – productivity will always be less than optimum).

The case for a welfare state is that if workers wages are too low, then they cannot afford to pay for their disabled (or those with mental health issues) relatives, as due to the human need to care for loved one’s this will eat into labour-time and productivity, thus a national insurance is required.

To improve any distribution of resources requires independent thought. There is however some dependency on things beyond any individual’s control in this world. To think it is ‘just choice’ is tantamount ot some kind of Robinson Crusoeesque solipsism.

This human social ‘dependency’ is however independent of independent thought, without which we would be catatonic, rather than ‘locked in’.

My third proposal is: “A blind faith in ‘benefit dependency’ ideology with regards the exploitative nature of the capitalist system requires a relinquiching of independent thought greater than that necessary to be ‘on benefits’.

Nelly was an elephant

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But in the end
There were at least two narrators
In stories from Africa’s Legba and Esu
To Choronozon in Gaiman’s Sandman.
And so it goes
whether we talked Icarus
Or Bellerophon, we knew
Nemesis’ nemesis was Hubris
Not the Trickster,
Hel’s sometimes sister
Or at least so the Blacksmith’s say.

For after all it was Daedalus
The Artful contriver
Icarus’s father who whispered in the ear
of Theseus, master of language
After learning the mistake he made with his own son
When in the labyrinth…
Do not do what anyone demands of you
Do not believe anyone
And whatever you do
Do not do what you are told.

But he then left one more tale.
A conundrum of Kantian proportions
A second critique of pure reason.
If we are duty bound to tell the truth.
And if…
Satan is a sadist
And God forgives.
Who was it who bound us?

Ask Loki sometime,
In between drips of serpent poison.
and with such agony
Bernini’s St Theresa
groaned in ecstacy,
As the demon murmur
Came with increasing complexity

Still if this is the reason
I am going to hell
And as someone once sung
“If there’s a hell below
We’re all going to go”
And if Jesus died for our sins
As St John of the Brethren
Of the Free Spirit suggested
If we don’t sin,
We are letting the man down

When Hitler compared decadent art
To that thought worthy of the Uber-Mensch
So did the fallible mortals
Go in droves to see what the decadence was all about

So hey, like the Song Thrush
Let’s do it with such stylings
It will never be sung again

Like Great Grandfather
Or whomever was buried under that mound
Who’s name was forgotten
If he ever had one
But worshipped nonetheless,
Whispered about Nanna Nelly
The elephant
Who packed her trunk
And said goodbye
To the circus lions
And their venal pride

Mel and Colly

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It’s Mel and Colly,
The invisible cunts.
The Beth
of the Unknown Verneinung.
There’s always at least two.
The girls from another planet
Cumming to blow my world.
Boys will be boys.
Hands up if you’re not the only ones.
It’s all fucked up.
I’m not
your mum!

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image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace