38 is the new 42 (Dodgson Spiegel)

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38 is the new 42
Once we get past the
Creationist dinosaurs
Who think they are
The centre of the

But on my radio
Like a Senegalese ice cream vendor
In the film Ghost dog
When one day it is 42
The next it is 38

(And there’s a crack!
Est-il La Haine
encore un fois?
еще раз?)

And so
Reversed again
The next day
We move

And yet, in French cinema
There is a Senegalese version
That is 35
Shots of rum.

So one can go
From 42 to 38
And back

And 38 to 35
And back

But in matters of poverty,
And inequality

And the things humans do to other humans
(It’s the stupid economy, stupid)

Is the path of 7s
from 35 to 42
And back
Without the
6 of diamonds
Chasing the 5
Of diamonds?

Dead labour numbers

Equivalent to the ג
Chasing the ד.
As farces go
It’s an issue of
Salmon mayonnaise

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