You wanted a new poem, even though you never read the mental health stuff on this blog (at least you rarely mention it, no knock knocking at my door, (except Pete, thanks Pete))

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NEITHER GNAW: The Tragedy Comes First

S/He’s a Prime
Five Star Pentheus
That’s for sure

Cornering Dionysius
And the Bacchic revelries
In the Courthouse
Insisting on eating RAW Flesh

When Nothing is permitted
Except four purr exceptions.

Le Suzie Quattro
Vixi Volte

If you are Kafka trapped
By no more than,
all gone, Holly Oaks
lies about how debt works,
Bad Faith, ‘not’ skills

Then there is always

Neither Nor
Above the door

Rather than either/

Or just kick
The Four
To the Factory Floor

When people say
To us
“Don’t talk back,
oh, but we’re not fascist”
poor me
people going
“Boo hoo
To you
Only oned

If we internalise
Or even just
pass on

That ‘it’ language
We’ll end up
Doing Nothing

Supporting inequality
And our own lowered
Average wage

By complaining about
The Five man Army
Stuck in reverse

Soup Terrones
For my family
And the 16
Dragging on
Welsh rarebit
Nth power
Prime Personalities

Rather than
Unjust Five

The current Aaron Coynage
Narrower minds
Than a Sussex
Gas Hob
Jacked inner Twitten,
4×4, off-road, desert boomin’ in ya jeep
Leviticus 16

Thinking allof 我们
need to be at their
lacking Aaron T Beck
Uncalled, as they
Are turning up
like a Low key unfi
With a one trick no skill
Told by the boss
That was all they need
Cos the boss had more tricks
But needed them
‘case they Tok Tok’d ‘pon his own petard
Boom boom boom.

Gonna end up
No finking
With a bad Ioke
A murderous Harley Queen
Cum G-Spot, G-string
Red witch
Put a price on his misery head.
Finding himself lost
too near the midwives’
Leviticus 8th Prime, laughing gas
Nitrous Oxide marginalabia
With the giggly beard double bush
gamblin ramblin men
Who hedge their Bet’s
By lovin’ them,

Them two
might like a bit of
Cock and Bull torture

But the QAnon
haze phased out
Omega boys
Seem unaware that the magician
Who turned out to be
Better than Aaron himself
Was the nobody
Who speaks
With more than just the one tongue
Burned and learned
In the desert
Of concrete reifried
history underlying
material, and oh, so warm fleshed

I’m Not
Better Than
You’re Just
Bad Faith
Not Better Than

Fucking Skills

Seize the means
Of Articulation

Other Wise,
Generally speaking
I have no personal
With you.

Yours truly
The Discarded 57
(don’t forget to thank
your early morning
Great Eastern
Lucky Stars
every morning,w
ith the first light
blue light)

Chin-up Prime
The Judge
Not Only

How Can
Signifying This
Rather Than That
Not Be A Skill


For It’s Own Sake
About face
Arse Sitting

Do a Fucking
Volte Face
Dog’s Dinner

I see ya
But wooden wand
A bee ya

There’s a Liminal Law
over our
Front door
With a big dog

Turning you out
like a punk barman
should just one
Fascist linguistic trick
leave your mouth
like a sub-mumu chariot.

With my ace of wands
Slung loose over my shoulders
like Athena’s aegis
Eris, Phobos, Ioke
(Oh, and I’m a representative of)
six of wands Alke.
With my Warriors’ baseball bat
you’re getting no airplay.

You go out to play,
you don’t come in here
for shelter
if your incel zone shit
got you kicked out
your mum’s
in the first place

Unless the boss woman says so
And if I hear you
Then that just ain’t so

Blaming women for everything
Hating on Jessica Rabbit’s
Like an idiot
Who puts the schlemiel
In the the Ninth Prime Psalms
Back for more
So you can walk all over her
All over again

We got Bootes for walking here
And if you can’t hear her
You ain’t got the right -kles
for the door.
And as I said,
If you’ve cum to me
I am your nightmare
putter outer

Night night
Schlect knight
Go Gawain
Your knot.

This is an unknot
Neither Gnaw

You have been listening
To my Queen’s Siren song
And you turned up to court
But like Pentheus
You found us guilty
Until proven innocent
So now you’ve lost yours

And guilty
or not guilty
We ain’t forgiving ya
Go я ем
The Spirit is a bone

Neither Gnaw

Try less of the judge
Before you get
To this door
next time.

And now that you’re gone
We are going back to Dodoing
the shit you left
Back out the door
With a proper good fucking

Alakador Kvetch
Cunning linguist
With an Enlightened Crest
Keeping the forest
Good and propre
Clean and tidy

But only after
Things get messy
At the Red Queen’s
After Party.
Her ever loving
Bad Dog
Between her Pins that I Bee.

After all you can’t hear
Agathon Daimon
If you haven’t first Ate.

And that’s something
Some just can’t Handle

So to learn the sweet honey
Truth again after
the seductive dessert
Azazel learned

Luv the Goddess
In the morning
Big Up
The hard up
Like the big Towser
You are,
Come the Evening

Neither Gnaw

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