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Don’t get me wrong,
I don’t mind
Pop-up unions.

It’s those fucking
Flying Panopticons
that really piss me off.

Only you!

Hoisted by his own petard

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“He hated Lewis Carroll. It was a load of nonsense, and what’s more he spent too much time with that little girl.

Stuff and nonsense! That’s what it was. He hated it so much he had “stuff” tattooed on one set of knuckles on one hand, and “nonsense” on the other. Only thing was, that whilst “stuff” fitted on his knuckles fine, on the other hand there was only room for “nonse-“, the rest of the “-nse” he had tattooed round and down the side of that hand.

His mates tried to point out that he therefore had what amounted to the word “nonce”, at least phonetically, tattooed on one of his knuckles. “Yeah, that’s right”, he said, “I hate nonces like that fucking Lewis Carroll, and this fist is for punching them with”. Unfortunately, a lot of people still thought it meant he was the nonce. So he had to punch a lot of people. And even more unfortunately than that, some of these people were harder than him, and they didn’t like nonces either.”

Trivial Pursuit

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If all five of the senses are perceived through sensual organs, then what we believe we perceive directly ‘with our own eyes’ must obey Newton’s Laws. That physics has discovered relativity and quantum physics is due to the brains conceptual ability. However that the brain makes sense of the other five sensual organs’ perceptions, makes it also a sensual organ. For the brain to interpret the complex impressions the sensual organs perceive it must learn, and this learning comes as much from learned communication from outside, through these sensual organs as it does its own internal workings. That there is a disjunct between these two makes our own experiences our own, but only in a social understanding. As such the phrase ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ should therefore not be misunderstood as a singular, individual interpretation, it allows for difference, but is still some form of social knowledge – mostly via language, but also through emotional interpersonal behaviour . It is for this reason that rather than insisting on homogeneity (which is authoritarian), democracy (although I don’t mean the narrow definition of democracy as ‘only’ voting for representative leaders in a parliament here) is the tool by which we regulate the reality that social difference exists, and needs to exist for us to think at all, and think through our sensual organs’ perceptions healthily with sufficiently free emotions to create in everyday life. This is why Lacan said the relation of the Symbolic to the Real is ignorance (although I will leave it to your imagination why he said the relation of the Imaginary to the Real was hate).

However, back to the phrase ‘Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder’ as social perception, it is for this reason that if the object of your love has only one interest – that is, you who loves he/she/it – it is not necessarily beautiful. Beauty, necessarily is at least trivial. There must be at least two more inputs of interest (even if in modern society, one of these can be a mirror). This is the most basic understanding of the existence of the ‘Other’ in psychoanalysis. Echo lost herself in her pursuit of Narcissus as there was no longer a third interest, once he saw his own reflection. For that we cannot blame her.

Meaningless Statements

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Actually casting a stone,
Believing one
Is without

Is akin to
Fighting over a golden
Apple to see who
Is fairest.

One should
Not judge the innocent.
The naive fuckers.

On stepping in puddles

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When I mistakenly
step in a puddle,
I usually don’t mind
the feet wetting aspect.
I tend to be more than slightly
when the puddle firstly
kills Tasha Yar,
and then proceeds to
entrap me, insisting
it is the only permitted truth
in all existence

Karma by the dozens

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If Karma’s a bitch,
does that make it
a dog’s ma?

Much like
your mum!


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I have often noticed with your
treatment of me, that
I am to be held
responsible, but you
think you are not

We will remember them

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When you are feeling sick
with weltschmerz from
too much Puritan
Karpman Drama Triangle
AC/DC rescuing and persecution.
And you need to find
some kind of pleasure.
There is always
schaden freude to be found
in remembering Thomas Cook
and Club 18-30 holidays.

Gossip – or Rough Music in the parlour

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In the parlour
Tried by twelve
Out the front door
Carried by six
Out the back door
Hops the kangaroo

On the genesis of a conviction: or the genetic fallacy

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Send them to Botany Bay!
To learn some evolutionary thought
Adapting to exploratory practices
A necessary skill
For critiquing thought terminating cliches
And other terminal thought forms.
But if they so fail
At least they will discover
That black swans
Also exist.
And so end
Confirmation bias times
And other self-fulfilling prophecies.

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image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace